Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley
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Current Updates
What is your current work/occupation?

I am currently the Founder & Chief Catalyst of Day One Leadership, Inc.

What has happened since you spoke at TEDxTraverseCity?

I’ve continued to travel and speak over 200 days a year, and have recently launched www.dayoneleadership.com, a website dedicated to helping people create personal and organizational “value-driven cultures of leadership”. My first book will be released in the near future!

Did speaking at TEDxTraverseCity have an impact on your career?

The core message I created for TEDxTraverseCity was so well received that it’s become a core part of my program.  I’ve shared a version of that message all over the world, with a particular focus on business schools.  I continue to try to convince young people not to treat jobs and money as goals in-and-of themselves, but rather as the natural by-products that come to people who add tremendous value in every interpersonal interaction. It was TEDxTraverseCity who first made me hone that message effectively, and it’s continued to have an impact.

Anything else you would like for us to be aware of as we plan future events?

No, my day at TEDxTraverseCity was one of my finest TEDx experiences!