J. Carl Ganter

J. Carl Ganter
TEDx event year
Current Updates
What is your current work/occupation?

Continuing: Managing Director at Circle of Blue.

What has happened since you spoke at TEDxTraverseCity?

Since TEDxTVC: Received Rockefeller Foundation Centennial Innovation Award; Various presentations and keynotes; New in August 2016: Appointed to World Economic Forum Global Futures Council on Environment and Natural Resource Security.

Have continued to work with team of exceptional reporters to tell the most important story on the planet, the global freshwater crisis. Since TEDxTraverseCity, Circle of Blue has played a significant role in elevating water scarcity and polluted water to the top risk of greatest concern according to polling of experts in policy, geopolitical risk and environment. 

Did speaking at TEDxTraverseCity have an impact on your career?

TEDxTraverseCity offered a rare opportunity to challenge an engaged audience — in my hometown — and bring a piece of the world back to Michigan.

Anything else you would like for us to be aware of as we plan future events?

The mix of local and global perspectives excites the local community. I imagine the schools are involved — it would be very cool to have a local competition for students (or group) to earn an opportunity to speak. I’d love to hear young voices. (Remembering Sonia Shoup’s performance.)