Priscilla Were

Priscilla Were
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Current Updates
What is your current work/occupation?

Currently I am involved in the following:

  • I am still the director of Butere High School which is now Glory Value School since TEDxTraverseCity 2015.
  • I am the founder and chair of the Kenya Value Trust and organisation covering the whole country under three pillars: Glory Value School (the prototype), Research and Partnerships. The hatching of the trust was spurred by my research and experience in the USA under your invitation.
  • I have set up Glory Value School Industries a brain child of Paul's visit to our school, whose main thrust is not only to bring in some income to the school and give the girls life skills, but to train them on budgeting, due process (to kill the short cuts that are corruption in our Country) and the importance of tithing (a fore runner of paying tax). The school and the girls share in the proceeds.
  • I am mentoring a couple of schools in one zone out of eight in the whole country. This speaks to the partnership pillar.
  • The girls are reaching out to other schools in the neighborhood to export the synergy and synchrony  between values lived and academic achievement.
  • The inclusion of the parents forum where they meet twice a term to learn and be coached in the family spirit based on values was born out of the inspiration the research in the USA achieved.
  • The school is working on once a week meeting with the immediate village (the mothers, primary school children, school drop outs and the pre-school - 6 year olds to impart values such as appreciation of environment, integrity, responsibility and respect). This is done by the girls in groups. This is growing their confidence, coherence and commitment to values.
  • I have since written three books namely: "Rekindling Education in Kenya", "Kenya, why values?" and " Value Education System in Kenya"
Anything else you would like for us to be aware of as we plan future events?

An inclusion of literary art speakers in your program would add scope and depth to areas covered. Thank you very much and looking forward to working with you for the sake of the value dream and the nation of Kenya