Robin Marcotte

Robin Marcotte
TEDx event year
Current Updates
What is your current work/occupation?

Founder of Aha! Leadership LLC a training and development company.

What has happened since you spoke at TEDxTraverseCity?

I have had tremendous personal growth since challenging myself to do a TEDx talk. In 2008 I started a leadership training and development business and in 2009 met Paul Sutherland who encouraged me to push, grow and eventually do a TEDx talk. Since then my business have grown tremendously and I have a team of facilitators who travel the world helping leaders become great bosses!

Did speaking at TEDxTraverseCity have an impact on your career?

One of the things that the TEDx talk did was promote the fact that I am capable of speaking to a large audience and currently I work with executives in large corporations and help them develop their speaking skills.

Anything else you would like for us to be aware of as we plan future events?

My talk was actually not leadership, in fact it had nothing to do with my business. I felt it was critical that I talk about something that is personal and was impactful to me.