Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan
TEDx event year
Current Updates
What is your current work/occupation?

Still making documentary films.  Currently filming in a refugee camp south of Beirut.

What has happened since you spoke at TEDxTraverseCity?

We went on to use Waiting for Mamu to build the first house to an international standard (4 building complex) in Nepal for Pushpa Basnet and her children.  We used Storied Streets to help push the votes to get shelters built and I have spoke about each — and being a Filmathropist around the world. 

Did speaking at TEDxTraverseCity have an impact on your career?

I think TEDX definitely helped with speaking opportunities.  I still have people today email me and tell me how moved they were by the talk.  Most notable, I was the commencement speaker in 2015 at my alma mater Central Michigan University.

Anything else you would like for us to be aware of as we plan future events?

 More films, more good, more ideas— all on the way.